With our SaveUp feature, your Progress Bank personal or business debit card transactions will be "rounded up" to the next whole dollar amount. The rounded up funds will then be deposited into the Progress Bank savings account of your choice. Use these funds for a rainy day or donate them to your favorite charity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is SaveUp?
SaveUp is a new feature that you can add to your personal or business checking account’s debit card transactions to save without any effort. 

2. How does SaveUp work? 
Enroll your personal or business checking account’s debit card and start spending. Each transaction will be rounded up and the difference will be deposited into your savings account, even a money market. 

3. How often are the deposits made into my savings account?
The rounded up difference from your debit transactions will be deposited into your savings account daily when the transactions post to your account.

4. Why should I add SaveUp to my savings account?
This feature makes savings easy without having to do any extra steps because the deposits are made automatically on a daily basis. Use the savings as a rainy day fund or perhaps donate them at the end of the year to your favorite charity.

5. What do I need to add SaveUp to my account?
All you need is a checking account with a debit card and a savings account to get started.

6. How do I view my savings?
You’re able to check your savings amount through Online Banking, Mobile Banking, your statement/eStatement or visit any office.

7. If I have a joint checking account and savings account, will we both be able to SaveUp?
Yes, the joint checking account’s debit cards will be linked to one savings account, so both debit cards’ transactions will round up to the same savings account.

8. Does SaveUp exclude any debit card transactions?
Yes, it does not round up ATM transactions. Only debit card purchases are rounded up and transferred to your savings account.


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